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Jun Gong Foot Patch (White)

Jun Gong Foot Patch (White)


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Product Brief:


Original Jun Gong Detox Foot Patch






Benefit Of Detox Foot Patch







Using Direction :


Step 1 : Place the adhesive on a flat surface

Step 2 : Tear off the top part cover of the adhesive

Step 3 : Get ready to place the foot care sheet on the adhersive

Step 4 : Place the foot care sheet on the middle of the adhesive

Step 5 : Tear off the bottom part cover of the adhersive

Step 6 : Make sure the edge of the foot care sheet is totaly attached with the adhesive.
(The Foot Care Sheet must be place on the middle of the adhesive.)

Step 7 : The foot care sheet is ready to place on the feet.

Step 8 : Place it either on top, middle or bottom on your feet.

Step 9 : The result can be shown after 6 - 8 hours.




Packaging Sample :




Feet Acupuncture Point :


















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  • Sabrina93 ( 02-11-15 11:44:55 )

    Bila ada stock for this item?

    AdministratorDalam 1 minggu

  • Patinmimoh ( 07-10-15 04:45:30 )

    detox foot patch bile nk restok??

    AdministratorDalam 1 minggu

  • Anonymous user ( 27-02-15 11:27:26 )

    nak tanya detox patch ni, 1 keping rm 2.00... dlm dia ada 1 keping je ke?

    Administratorya 1 keping sahaja, bukan 1 pasang

  • cindy ( 07-02-14 08:33:49 )

    ody paid tq

    AdministratorNoted. TQ

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